Winter Warnings for your Pet


Winter is here and the cold can create health issues for your pets. Follow this easy advice!

Rock salt can get stuck between your dogs toes leading to dried and cracked skin. Using dog boots will prevent this from happening.

Cold weather can exacerbate arthritis. Take your older dogs on controlled walks during the winter months. Don’t overdo it.

Dogs get cold just like people. If your dog is short haired or has a small body mass consider fitting your dog with a winter jacket or sweatshirt. They are functional and fashionable.

Similar to humans, dogs will shiver when they are cold. Use this as a cue to bring your pup indoors and warm them up.

Don't leave your pets in the car too long. Just as pets can over heat in the summer, they can freeze in the winter. If you must make a stop, pre-warm your car and make it quick.

Once inside, dry your pup off with a towel and clean their feet.